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"PARAMOUNT" is my thesis film finished in School of Visual Arts MFA Computer Art.


“Paramount” is a short 3D animation that shows the affection, connection and complex feelings between a mother and daughter during a specific dramatic time. Through closeness, misunderstanding, fighting, separating, regret, missing, and reunion, the story explores the connection between love and hate, cherishing and regret. In the story, a daughter Lan looks for her mother Mei ten years after the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937) which split them up. She goes back to the old abandoned “Paramount” theater in Shanghai and finds someone lives there: her mother. “Paramount” depicts the resonant feeling state that occurs when memory-drenched ambience calls to mind the the feelings of a precious relationship.



2013 International Family Film Festival



2013 Fort Myers Film Festival

2012 NYC ACM SIGGRAPH Metropolitan Area College Computer Animation Festival​

2012 WorldKids International Film Festival

2012 Show Me Justice Film Festival

2012 Ruby Mountain Film Festival

2012 Shnit International Short Film Festival

Year of production: 2012

Running Time: 5:10 min

Produced at: School of Visual Arts

Responsibilties: Design / Story / Directing / Modeling / Texuring / Animation/ Lighting / Rendering /

Compositing / Editing / Sound Design

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